Creating a New Era Cooperative and mastering the Co-op Model through Servant Leadership, a Triple-bottom line approach to business, the Co-op Principles, Values, & Spirit!

I'd love to be the next Cooperative Director or General Manager if you'll have me. Here's more about me.
MASTERING THE CO-OP MODEL                               SERVANT LEADERSHIP                             A NEW ERA COOPERATIVE
Co-ops may choose to adopt a Triple Bottom Line Philosophy. I think we should do more of this!

Its and elevated way of thinking and doing business which considers not only financial and economic impacts, but social and environmental as well.
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I have so much to say to you. After completing a term as Board President, Interim General Manager, Marketing Manager, Owner Services Manager, Editor of Sevananda's Newsletter, and Producer of Co-op 101 radio program, I have absorbed a wealth of experience and knowledge that I trust can be utilized to make an impact which elevates and assists and supports the creation of a sustainable Sevananda for the future. I'd love to be the next General Manager or Cooperative Director if you'll have me.   Here's who I am, why I'm here, and what I think I can do to support owners of Sevananda, the staff, operation, and Sevananda the Co-operative as well as our community.
Increased membership, new programs, expanded community reach, higher attendance at owner meetings and events, established Sev as a National Tipping Point Network leader in GMO education and advocacy in Georgia, strategic alliances, and more, are some of my contributions to Sevananda during my time here."

List of my personal co-op accomplishments as a servant leader with an amazing team are Here

                     My vision
" My vision is one where we master the cooperative model and application of the ideals, spirit, values, & co-op principles the model was designed to thrive on!
We can do this!"​ There are two entities we need to nurture, 
our store operation and
our cooperative organization.
They each have specific needs and roles that we can fine tune to make them stronger.

A strong online store and presence to engage new customers and owners,​​a well trained, cared-for and empowered staff, pristine customer service, unwavering board/owner relationship,engaged owners, annual owner drives, bi-annual member meetings, and more.

                 My Story
"My time in public broadcast media taught me about disease reversal, alternatives, holistic health practices,the importance of life path, independent thought & making a positive difference through people power. That brought me to Sevananda & is why I am still here..."

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